This weeks post will cover Shape and be a little different. I”ll post a few images and discuss the element that is present in it.



In this image, there are a few basic shapes. The first shape that gets my attention is the white line. It runs diagonally creating two shapes. The red triangle in the upper right-hand corner and the area under the line. The white line seems to be a divider of some sort with a missing shape pattern that makes its own shapes on the area in the lower left side.

The beauty is in trying to figure out what is what. Is the red shape an awning or umbrella and the left shape the floor?

Is the left shape the siding on the side of a house and then what does that make the red shape? I digress.

The way the un-seen negative areas in/under the white line create shapes of light was one of the reasons I choose this image. The questions that came up are the other.

Photo Credit:  Moren Hsu

moren hsu moren_hsu_3

This photo is an example of the repetition of Shape and Color.

In the photo above the two elements that stand out are the Line and Shape, Color and Shape in this one. These elements discussed in the blog can and should be combined in order to produce interesting images.

Simplicity is the key here, repeating a certain Shape creates a Pattern. Mix in some color to break up the monotonous feel and Wa-La you have a good photo that I’d like to use for a Photo Elements Blog!

Photo Credit:  Moren Hsu

moren hsu moren_hsu_2

Photo Credit:  Moren Hsu

moren hsu

Here we have a dark Shape created by the person on the right and a dark Shape in the background made by the mountain in the distance. The mist-like Shape horizontally in the center feels like a division of the sky and the land.

The smaller tower on the mountain and the light coming from the light source (Sun by the person’s face plus that little orb-like thing) also make some cool Shapes.

The Rule of Thirds and the Depth of Field help make this a strong image. More on that later!


There you have it. The Second in the Elements of Photography Examples: Shape. 

The next topic I’ll be covering is TEXTURE so stay tuned.

Now if you’d like to discuss any of these examples or if you have any to share to discuss or for a quick critique feel free to comment below!

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