When I’m out shooting I usually get questions on different photo topics. I do my best to answer all of them and pass along any tips, tricks and other ideas I have. All the questions I get boil down to a couple of things. “What makes a good/great photo?”  & “How can I improve my photos?”. 

( Ok, I do get a ton of the “well what does this button do?” type questions also. )

After some thought, I figured the simplest thing to was to re-visit the basics of not only Photography but Design.

The very next thing I thought was how I hate to have to read through an entire blog for an ounce of information. Or sit through a 10 min video for 2 mins worth of anything useful. So rather than bore you with all that I’ll post sliders with different examples of the Elements of Photography. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

The 1st in a series of examples of the Elements of Photography.


Photo Credit:  Jesse Collins

Jesse Collins

Photo Credit:  Alex Jones

Alex Jones

Photo Credit:  Osman Rana

Osman Rana

There you have it. The first in the Elements of Photography Examples: LINE. 

The next topic I’ll be covering is SHAPE so stay tuned. I’ll get to FORM, TEXTURE, PATTERN & COLOR soon and will even dive into some Design Principals like EMPHASIS, BALANCE, MOVEMENTPROPORTION & SPACE.


My aim is to inspire you to get out and shoot. Put time behind the lens instead of reading to much into any one topic.

Now if you’d like to discuss any of these examples or if you have any to share to discuss or for a quick critique feel free to comment below!

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Patrick Zepeda

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